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Grandview Public Market

During the big-hair days of the eighties, a Food Court blossomed in every mall in America. It was the perfect solution to the typical family squabble over where to go out to eat. “I want burgers!” “No, pizza!” “I’m in the mood for Chinese!” Now, every family member could choose their own meal, with smiles all around.

Since that time, our collective taste buds have grown more sophisticated. The desire to eat healthy, local food has proliferated our culture. Or at least the hipper segments of it. That’s why today’s take on yesterday’s food courts are these uber cool, community-driven food and social halls. And, this past February, that’s exactly what popped up in a sprawling warehouse southwest of downtown West Palm. Its name is Grandview Public Market.

Inside the trendy Grandview Public Market, you will find 12 different purveyors serving all kinds of delicious food and drink at all times of day. And, they have plenty of comfy spaces to sit and enjoy them, both inside and out. If you time it right, you may catch a fun happening—live music, a yoga class, or a kid-friendly event.

I’ll admit it. I am addicted to this place. I’ve tried a variety of food and drink, including the cold-pressed juices and acai bowls and patted myself on the back for my dedication to healthy eating. I’ve savored the authentic tacos, the creative ramen bowls and the locally made sausages. I’ve ignored my guilt trip as I enjoyed spectacularly fresh and creative pizza and the decadent rolled ice cream. It’s all so delicious. And every time I visit, I have to pinch myself, as I remember I’m not in Soho, Boston or San Francisco. I’m right here, in sunny downtown West Palm Beach.

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