Buying a New Construction Home?

Working With a Realtor Will Help You Get The Most For Your Purchase

There’s nothing like a brand new home. Everything is pristine and fresh—and oftentimes if you buy new construction, you can have the house customized to suit your taste. That means there’s no ripping out green shag carpeting, peeling off out-of-date, foil wallpaper, or (ugh!) tearing out and redoing a kitchen or other area of the house. But there’s one thing about buying a new construction home that many people get wrong—and that’s the notion that they don’t need a realtor to purchase one.

Though you aren’t buying a home with a previous owner’s problems, there are some important ways a real estate agent can help guide you through this process, helping to protect your investment. The first way we can help is in the selection process. An experienced agent can help you understand why a particular location, neighborhood—even lot is a better investment than another one. And, with their own knowledge and their professional network, they can enlighten you with a wealth of information about various builders and their reputations.

As the buyer’s advocate, your agent has the experience to know what upgrades are worth the money, not just in terms of what you will enjoy, but also for resale. While thinking this way may not be your norm—you can’t get past the excitement of owning the house to make the leap to selling it—this is how a good agent thinks. And in the end, you will probably be very happy you took their advice.

Once you know which upgrades are on your list, your agent is there as a strong negotiator for you. So, if you are uncomfortable asking for more than is offered, your agent isn’t and will get you the best possible deal. And they can decipher and analyze complicated contracts and other paperwork, making sure you know what you’re doing when you sign on the dotted line.

Another reason why you should work with a realtor is that, believe it or not, it doesn’t cost you anything. The builder pays the realtor their fee. You benefit from all their expertise and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a professional protecting your interests and negotiating for you to receive upgrades the builder might not have offered if you were working on your own.

So, though it may seem easier just to wander into those alluring new home models and handle the process on your own, it makes sense to work with a real estate agent who represents you and your interests—and not those of the builder.

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