Spruce Up Your Home

for a Quick Sell

So, you’re ready to sell. As you prepare for this undertaking by straightening up your rooms and cleaning your closets, there’s one other debate you may be having. “Should I fix all the things I’ve been ignoring or should I leave that for the buyer to worry about?” As a realtor who’s seen various scenarios, I’d like to give you my vote: Get them fixed! I know. It can be painful to think about shelling out your hard-earned cash on home improvements that you won’t be able to enjoy, but trust me. They will benefit you in the end. They will make your home sell faster and for a higher price. Of course, some improvements are more beneficial than others. Here are a few that are lower-cost/higher-gain fixes:

1. Replace or at least clean dirty, worn-out carpeting. Buyers tend to prefer other types of flooring. From porcelain tile to laminate, there are many good choices. But if you don’t want to go all out, at least hire someone to professionally clean the carpet. It will make a difference to potential buyers.

2. Paint. Add a fresh coat of neutral paint to your home, and buyers will see it as more appealing. Paint is a bang for your buck improvement, so don’t hesitate to do so.

3. Landscaping. Curb appeal is real. So add some new bushes, bright flowers and maybe a potted plant near the front door. While you’re at it, paint that front door and replace the old doormat. It will make a difference.

4. Replace dated light fixtures, leaky faucets, any holes in the wall, broken cabinet doors etc. If you think buyers won’t notice, you will be surprised.

The bottom line is that when buyers see something broken or worn, they wonder what else is wrong that they can’t see. You want them to view your home as a beautiful, relaxing place where they can imagine themselves living, not a headache waiting to happen. So get to work and get everything up to snuff. It’ll pay off in the end. And, if you need names of contractors, I can help. Give me a call, and I’m happy to share.

I would highly recommend the following professionals:
Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning: Lee Bendolph (561) 460-1682
Garage Door Repair: Alex Doors, Inc. (561) 969-1324
Air Conditioning and Heating: KYZAR Air Conditioning: Dave Kyzar (561) 640-1000
Electrician: Pendl Electric, LLC (561) 577-4507 ext 02
Dryer Vent Cleaning: Dryer Vent Wizard (561) 901-3464

Handy Man: My Handyman Mike (949) 505-4832

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